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Set up your Root Quencher in 5 minutes or less

Watch our easy setup guide with our co-founder Robert



Set up your Root Quencher in 8 easy steps. 

1) Dig a hole

Using a hand tool or shovel, easily dig a hole the width of the Root Quencher and as deep as your tree's roots need.

2) Connect an adapter

Root Quencher easily integrates into your existing irrigation system

3) Cut into an irrigation line

A quick cut into the irrigation line or sprinkler system

4) Install a T into the line

Connect it to your existing system with a T adapter. 

5) Make the connection

Connect the Root Quencher to your irrigation line and system. 

6) Fill in the dirt 

Root Quencher is the innovative underground, deep water, irrigation system that delivers water directly to the roots of your trees and shrubs. 

7) Turn on the zone

Hook up the new zone to your sprinkler or irrigation system timer. 

8) Adjust the flow

Determine how much water your plants and shrubs need. 

Set up your deep water irrigation system in 5 minutes or less completed!


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