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How To Build and Maintain a Beautiful Garden

Tips for Building and Maintaining a Garden

During the spring and summer months, property owners across America work on and improve their landscape. A garden is a very typical landscaping project that many homeowners like to do during the warm temperatures of spring and summer. The delicious and “free” vegetables that come out of a garden can be used for salsas, hamburgers, stews, soups, and so much more. However, there are a lot of long hours and hard work that go into building your own beautiful and healthy garden. Here are some tips on how to do just that:


  1. Apply Fertilizer: Applying the correct fertilizer is important but so is not using too much of it. Too much fertilizer will burn out a plant’s roots. Consider using a high-quality organic fertilizer like Algothrive,  and starting a composting program under the direction and guidance of 301 Organics


  1. Use Compost: Compost is a healthy mulching product that comes from leftover waste. Not all materials break down at the same rate. Composting produces high temperatures for an extended period. Allow ample time for your compost to degrade before using it in your garden.


  1. Prune Damaged Limbs: Pruning damaged limbs and shrubs prior to winter or in early winter is better than leaving them throughout the winter season. Damaged limbs can become infected and spread to the rest of the plant or even the garden.


  1. Buy Plants with Good Roots: It is hard to identify a healthy plant with a strong root system for most. It is helpful to look up online or buy a magazine that shows what healthy plants and roots look like. Do not buy plants and introduce them to your garden if they have dead limbs, bugs, or dead spots.


  1. Setting up a well-maintained irrigation system: Regular watering ensures good root growth. It is difficult to determine how much watering is needed, but in most cases, a lot of the water you use to water your plants is wasted. Our deep root watering tool helps with effective root growth and reduces your water bill.


  1. Don’t Crowd Plants: Plants planted too closely together produce humidity which can cause disease and other issues that affect plant health. It also makes it difficult for plants to grow because they are competing for water, nutrients, root space, and sunlight.

Contact In Deep Irrigation For A More Water Efficient System!

At In Depth Irrigation, we are committed to helping homeowners across the country create and maintain healthy lawns and gardens. We have developed an underground watering system that aids in root growth. The roots are the foundation of every plant, shrub, and tree. They are what soak up water and nutrients to help the rest of the plant or tree grow. Contact us today for more information on our deep root watering tool that will help to maintain your beautiful garden!

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